One year nursery stock guarantee. It is normal for plants to experience some stress for a period of up to 1 year after planting. Signs of stress can be wilting, limited new growth, small leaves or loss of colour. Our nursery stock will grow if properly handled, planted and good “after care” is provided (watering fertilizing, etc.) Failure to provide adequate care will render your guarantee null and void. You can call or visit us should you have any type of problem with your plants. If it is more convenient, you can also email digital photos to SS Greenhouses and we will diagnose the problem for you.

  • Should a plant die while guaranteed we will replace the plant ONCE with a credit note. (NO CASH REFUNDS). To make claim under our guarantee, simply bring the plant and your receipt to our greenhouse. For plants that are too large to bring in, please contact us to make other arrangements. Plants purchased with a credit note will receive no warranty.
  • The loss of one stem on a clump plant and/or winter dieback does not qualify a plant for replacement under our guarantee.
  • The exact variety, size or price of plant you originally purchased may not always be available.
  • Japanese maples, azaleas, and rhododendrons areĀ guaranteedĀ until the end of the growing season purchased only.
  • Sale items are guaranteed for value paid only.
  • ANY NURSERY STOCK USED INDOORS OR SET IN ABOVE GROUND PLANTERS OVER WINTER are guaranteed until the end of the growing season purchased only.
  • This guarantee does not apply to damage or death caused by natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, vandalism, negligence, acts of a person, animal, insect or incurable diseases.
  • NOTE: Insects, animals and diseases occur in nature and are beyond the control of SS Greenhouses. Plants affected or damaged by naturally occurring pests, are not returnable under our guarantee.
  • There is no guarantee on sod, annuals, vegetables, flowering hanging baskets, perennials, or tropical houseplants.
  • SS Greenhouses is not responsible for pruning, fertilizing, watering, removing stakes or in any way maintaining plant material after it has been installed.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the planting area is clear of all utilities. SS Greenhouses will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, including but not limited to cut irrigation, gas, water, septic, cable, telephone or electrical lines resulting from work done on the customer’s behalf.
  • If trees or shrubs are being planted on ‘City/Town Property’ it is solely the responsibility of the customer/homeowner to obtain all necessary approvals. Subsequent removal, changes, etc. would be at the customer/homeowner’s expense.

LIVING ORGANISMS (nematodes, ladybugs, praying mantis) have no guarantee.


  • Concrete, plastic, fibreglass/resin, metal and clay products (i.e. containers and garden accents, pots, bowls, fountains and figurines) must be kept dry during the winter to prevent cracking and crumbling. These products are not guaranteed over winter due to climatic conditions.