Annuals & Perennials

Annual plants are plants with a life cycle of one year. They grow from seed, bloom, produce seeds, and die in one growing season. Annuals bloom for a long time and provide beautiful colours from spring to fall.

Perennial plants live for more than two years. They return year after year and continue to grow until they reach maturity. Unlike annuals perennials tend to bloom for a short time.

SS Greenhouses carries a wide variety of annuals and perennials offering both sun and shade options for each.

Nursery Stock

Nursery stock are young garden plants such as shrubs, trees and evergreens. Shrubs and trees help make a space inviting, offering shade on hot days, and providing gorgeous blooms in their season. Ornamental trees and flowering shrubs can be the focal point of your yard, and choices abound for blooms from early spring through late summer.

There are a wide range of evergreen trees and shrubs available in all shapes, sizes and colours. Evergreens have their leaves year-round, providing your landscape with colour and texture even during the winter months.

Garden Décor & Gifts

SS Greenhouses has a wide variety of garden décor and accessories from birdhouses to jewelry, purses, and sandals as well as seasonal items. Whether shopping for yourself or the special gardener in your life, you will find the perfect outdoor decoration to enhance your garden or lawn.

Water Features & Pond Supplies

Water features are a great addition to gardens or patios and are now incorporated into many modern landscape designs. There are several benefits to adding a water feature to your landscape besides boosting curb appeal and property values. The running water attracts wildlife, improves air quality and noise pollution, and the flowing water is good for the soul.

SS Greenhouses is a Laguna and Aquascape dealer carrying pond pumps, filters, and accessories such as hoses, natural water treatments and bubbling rocks.

Soil, Mulch & Stone

Buying products in bulk is a great way to save money. SS Greenhouses carries a wide variety of soil, mulch, and stone bulk products that you can purchase by the cubic yard or are available in jumbo bags that contain approximately one cubic yard of product.

Sod & Turf

SS Greenhouses sells both sod and artificial turf. Our sod rolls measure 2 ft by 5 ft (10 ft2). Sod is available in the Greenhouse for pick up, or you can schedule a delivery.

If it is the maintenance free artificial turf you are looking for, we are a Rymar Grass Dealer. Rymar Synthetic Grass products are 100% lead-free and made with non-toxic and long-lasting materials.

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